My name is John Kydd and at present I'm a captain on Boeing 737NG with WestJet airlines.  I've been very fortunate in my 22 years of flying, a career that started by gaining my PPL at Mitchinson's in the spring of 1993.  I'll never forget my very first 0.7 hours in a C152 with Bob Pearson.  





I currently fly as a First Officer on the 737 at WestJet and can attribute my success in aviation to my roots – Mitchinson Flight Centre.  I completed my training there all the way to the instructor level and was hired by Mitchinson.  I spent three great years instructing there before progressing in my career.  I was able to see both sides of Mitchinson – as a student and as an instructor. 

MFC gave me my start in aviation and set me on the right path in pursuit of my dream of being a professional pilot. At MFC, they have experienced and knowledgeable ground school and flight instructors as well as a great fleet of well maintained aircraft. Furthermore, the atmosphere at MFC is friendly and welcoming to anyone who walks through the door.  The owners are all experienced airline pilots and can provide excellent career advice to those aspiring to an airline career.  You will not regret choosing MFC for your training needs, I highly recommend them.